Q. Who should we contact if we have a query about the service?

A. New services: Robert Podro (robert@ipcb.co.uk) / Anthony Wise (anthony@ipcb.co.uk).
    Accounts: Tania Davey (tania@ipcb.co.uk)
    Online portal/RSS Feeds: Tania Davey (tania@ipcb.co.uk) / Backsearch: Stacey Buckley (stacey@ipcb.co.uk)
    Backsearch: Stacey Buckley (stacey@ipcb.co.uk)

Q. How long does it take to set up a media monitoring service?

A. Normally within 24 hours. Please let us know if you require additional media analysis

Q. What is the notice period to terminate a contract?

A. Unless otherwise agreed in the initial contract, 2 months’ notice is required.

Q. How quickly do you turn round titles?

A. If you have a digital press cutting service with us, nationals, most regional dailies and some regional weeklies can be supplied the same morning. The other newspapers are normally supplied within 72 hours. The weekly women's magazines can be supplied on the day. The other main consumer titles can be supplied within 4-5 days. This is much quicker if we are alerted to them or you have a particular requirement.

Q. Can you add a title to the print media monitoring?

A. We are always happy to investigate new publications. Only if the subscription price is prohibitive will it be rejected.

Q. What is required to set up a digital media monitoring service?

A. You need to check whether you require the requisite licences with either the NLA (www.nla.co.uk) or the CLA (www.cla.co.uk). (see Licences)

Q. Why can’t I view the pdf from the link you sent?

A. The pdfs are removed after 28 days for licensing reasons

Q. Can we provide originals press clippings?

A. We are one of the last media monitoring services to provide a hard copy press cutting service mailed by post. This can be ordered separately or included within our full digital service

Q. Do I need to forward our press releases?

A. This is always a help to our readers, particularly if it is an unusual story or may not mention the search words requested.

Q. Can we be credited for any incorrect press clippings?

A. If they are returned or scanned back within one week your account will automatically be credited.

Q. What are your working hours?

A. 7am-4pm Mon- Fri. Outside these hours please email us at info@ipcb.co.uk or ring us on 07415 982 405.

Q. Do we offer a trial service?

A. We are always happy to set up a short free trial of the press cutting service including a demo of the online portal.

Q. What are your credit terms?

A. 30 days unless otherwise agreed (see Terms & Conditions).

If we haven’t answered your questions on this page, please do not hesitate to contact us directly for additional assistance on any aspects of our press cutting and media analysis services.