We are the last national family run print media monitoring agency in the UK. International Press Cutting Bureau was started in 1920 and has undergone major changes to reflect the developments in information technology over the past few decades. However, we still remain true to our core values of providing a high quality personal service at all times.

We offer a full range of services including the traditional hard copy press cuttings as well as a full range of digital services with accompanying monthly reports and media analysis. In addition, the alert service gives you the opportunity to see where your coverage has appeared together with a short summary. The delivery times can be scheduled to meet your requirements.

Our media list covers the UK and Ireland. Major overseas national titles can also be included.

As we still manually process publications we are able to monitor images as well as text. This means that we can identify pictures where sponsors names may appear for example on football shirts, advertising boards, product placements and equipment. This is a process that new technology has yet to master.

The online portal allows the user to view all content in one place. Here, you have the ability to search content and produce reports over any timeframe.

If you require your cuttings specially presented we offer a range of paste up services and press cutting books. This is a way of presenting press clippings to potential sponsors or members of the family etc.

Please feel free to browse over some of our documents from the archive (about us)

Please contact us if you require additional information or would like to discuss in more detail the services we offer.